Recording Calls with a Zoom Passcode
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Recording Calls with a Zoom Passcode

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Zoom has recently updated its software to include settings that prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings or webinars. However, these settings may also block Gong from capturing the meeting. To ensure Gong continues to work, there are three options available. The first option is preferred as it works for the entire company account. Zoom recommends deleting and recreating existing meetings without a passcode. The second option is to connect Gong in Zoom using an admin account. The third option is to manually append the passcode to each meeting URL. It is important to configure Zoom meeting settings by requiring a passcode and toggling off the setting for only authenticated users to join meetings. After configuring the settings, it is necessary to check new and existing meetings to ensure Gong can join by verifying that the meeting URL includes the ?pwd section.

Zoom recently updated their software to enable the waiting room feature and meeting passcode protection by default. While these settings prevent unwanted participants from joining your meeting or webinar, they also may block Gong from capturing your meeting.

You have three options to ensure Gong continues to work as expected.

You can use any of the three, but the first fix is preferred because it works for your entire company account. Please update your meetings and meeting settings accordingly.

Updating Existing Meetings

As mentioned in their May 2020 update, Zoom recommends deleting and re-creating all existing meetings that do not have a passcode. 

It is especially important to do so if you follow fix #2 or #3 below.

Fixing the Zoom Integration

1. Connect the Zoom integration in Gong.

  • An admin will need to click here and follow the directions to integrate Zoom (non-admin Gong users will receive a 404 error). Gong will be able to access all Zoom meetings with no further action required.

2. Use the Zoom Chrome Extension, Zoom Google Workspace Add-on.

  • These tools automatically append the passcode to the meeting URL in the calendar event. Each rep would need to complete the install themselves.

  • Open the scheduling tool's option page.

  • Add your meeting passcode.

  • Click save changes.

  • Uncheck Only authenticated users can join meetings.

  • Verify your settings match the Configuring Zoom Meeting Settings section below.

3. Manually append the passcode to each meeting URL.

  • If the above two options do not work, your third option is to manually modify the Zoom URL for each calendar event.

  • The necessary format found under the 


    • where you replace the brackets with your specific information.

    • You can find this link under the 

      section of your Zoom profile.

    • Note: The passcode in the Zoom Meeting Join URL is the encrypted version of your Meeting Passcode. Pasting your unencrypted Meeting Passcode into the above format will not work.

  • Verify your settings match the Configuring Zoom Meeting Settings section below.

Configuring Zoom Meeting Settings

  1. Login to Zoom. Navigate to Meetings, then click Personal Meeting Room.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit this Meeting button.

  3. Select the option to Require meeting passcode and click Save.


  4. Next, go to the Settings section on the left panel.

  5. Scroll until you find the setting to 'Embed passcode meeting for one-click join’, toggle ON.mceclip2.png

  6. In that same section, find the setting ‘Only authenticated users can join meetings’, toggle OFF.

Verify Everything Works

Now that we've configured the settings, and you've recreated existing meetings as Zoom recommends, it's time to make sure everything works as expected. There's two steps to this process:

  1. Check new meetings

  2. Check existing meeting

The meeting link for both steps should match the following format. Replace the brackets with your company-specific details:

Create a test meeting

Use your normal workflow to schedule a new meeting.

What does the URL look like?

If it does not include the ?pwd= section, Gong will not be able to join. 

Please check your settings and try again.

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