Introduction to Gong-Salesforce integrations
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Introduction to Gong-Salesforce integrations

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There are two types of Salesforce integrations. You can apply one or both of them.

View Salesforce data in Gong (read-only API integration)

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Import Salesforce data into Gong to:

  • Automatically import new team members from Salesforce instead of manually adding them

  • Filter whose calls get recorded using a Salesforce custom field (see team provisioning)

  • Associate your CRM data with Gong activities such as conversations and emails giving context so that you know who participated in the call

  • Enabling search functionality based on Salesforce fields

  • Leverage Salesforce fields in Gong to filter calls and search results, as part of Whisper ranking criteria, and as part of account details.

This integration allows Gong to connect to the Salesforce API (read-only) and perform two main tasks:

  • Retrieve context for each call, and associate it with accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads

  • Sync new users provisioned in Salesforce (recommended). Users are provisioned in Gong and placed according to your team hierarchy, however, they're set to not get recorded or receive any emails from Gong.

When using a Salesforce-integrated dialer (SalesLoft, Outreach, etc.), in some cases Gong queries the activity records created by those dialers in order to allow it to import these calls to Gong.

The API connection is set through Gong using OAuth to allow Gong to use the Salesforce API. You must be a Salesforce admin.

View Gong data in Salesforce

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Export Gong data to Salesforce using the Gong for Salesforce app to:

  • See full call data in Salesforce, for example, topics and trackers mentioned in calls, call stats, and transcripts, for any calls associated with your Salesforce accounts, opportunities, contacts or leads.

  • Leverage Gong data and cross-correlate with Salesforce data to create pipeline, account, and deal-level reports, and gain visibility to your sales processes.

  • Drill down into conversation data created by Gong and modeled for your use cases

  • Ability to measure your KPIs through data integration and enjoy more insights into your team and pipeline:

    • Which coaching method is more effective for winning deals?

    • What are your star reps doing differently?

    • Which trackers are trending?

    • What is the state of your pipeline?

Gong for Salesforce is a managed package app.

This integration allows Gong to connect to the Salesforce API (read-write) and perform two main tasks:

  • Create Gong conversation records in Salesforce for every processed conversation, with links to the relevant accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads.

  • Create activity records for each call related to the relevant accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads. (Optional)

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