Enable log in to multiple Gong instances
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Enable log in to multiple Gong instances

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Where to go: Click Company settings > General settings

Do people on your team use multiple instances of Gong? Let them log into all of their Gong instances directly from their main instance. Enable this by defining their main account as a trusted account in their other Gong instances.

What is a trusted account?

A trusted account is the primary instance of Gong that can be associated with another Gong instance. This enables team members to switch easily between different instances, without having to authenticate their user. This is useful, for example, when one company acquires another company. So, if a team member’s primary account is ACME Global, but they also log into ACME Local, you can set ACME Global as a trusted account from their ACME Local instance.

How to set up a trusted account

Your Gong CSM needs to enable and configure this feature for you.

Check if a trusted account has been set up for you

In the General settings page, see the Trusted authentication account.

  • If you don’t see an account specified here, it means this feature isn’t enabled yet by your CSM. Contact them to enable it.

  • If you do see an account name here (for example, ACME Global) it means that for your team, ACME Global is the trusted account, and your team can use their ACME Global email address to log into their other Gong instance.

Add the trusted account email

Add the trusted account email address to the team member's details. For more information, see Add or edit a team member’s details. Once you’ve enabled trusted accounts for your team, they’ll see those accounts in their personal profile.

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